Welcome Guide

Welcome to Plottr! We’re excited to help you get started using the app and planning your next book.

This guide takes you through the steps of getting started with Plottr: 

  1. Downloading & Installing Plottr
  2. Navigating The App
  3. Using Plottr
  4. Account & Billing
  5. Join the Community
  6. Need Help?

Downloading & Installing Plottr

It only takes a couple minutes to download and install Plottr on your computer. 

Click here to learn how to download and install Plottr.

Navigating the App

The Plottr app is divided into a few easy-to-use sections to help you organize your book projects and plan for success.

Click here to learn about the main features of Plottr.

Using Plottr

Get familiar with Plottr’s timelines, character outlines, templates and more.

Click here to learn how to unlock all of Plottr’s powerful features.

Account & Billing

Want to view your purchase history or update your billing information?

Click here to learn how to manage your account.

Join the Community

Looking for inspiration? Connect and chat with fellow authors in Plottr’s Facebook Group. 

Click here to join the Facebook Group.

Have a Question?

Contact us at any time — we’re here to help. Enjoy exploring Plottr!

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